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This page is dedicated to those individuals who have achieved the Rank of Level 1, Candidate for Master of Sport (CMS) or Master of Sport (MS).  Since our North American Kettlebell Federation has not been accepted into any Russian or International Federation, we really cannot claim to be this rank or that rank.  All we can do is say, "This is my score and it would put me at this ranking."  (The exeptions are Valery Fedorenko and Catherine Imes)

This list is for information purposes only.  Although I have called this "American Girevoy Sport," it is my intention to list any amateur GS competitor.   Bear with me, 'cause this page is going to get changed quite a bit as information comes in and I figure out a better way to organize it.  If you want your name on the  list, send it to Jared@fitnessyoucanuse.com w/ "ranking" in the subject header.  Please include your full name, weight class, which competition,  event, reps for jerk/snatch (whether sum, average, or traditional scoring) and RANKING!.  If you cannot get to an official event,  make sure you participate in a NAKF Cross Country event!  For my sanity, we will list only those who have achieved Level 1 or better.
Master of Sport
Jared Savik    90kg    78 jerks  37.5 snatches
Marty Farrell   70kg     56 jerks  46.5 snatches
Valery Fedorenko  90kg  90jerks  60snatches

Candidate for Master of Sport (32kg)
CMS (Juniors/Masters 24 kg)
Level 1 (32 kg)
Level 1 24kg (Juniors/Masters)
Level 1 16kg
David Zink        75kg       91 Jerks   65 snatches
Peter Nasset    90kg       71 Jerks  60 snatches
Scott Allen                        48  Jerks  45 snatches
Men's Division
Ladies Division
Catherine Imes     70+kg    208 snatches
Kelly Moore           60kg      168 snatches
Jen Morey              70+kg    202 snatches
Master of Sport  (16kg snatch)
Candidate for Master of Sport (16kg)
Ken Blackburn   90+kg  62 jerks  39snatches
Andrew Durniat 90+kg   43 jerks 62snatches
Paul Tucker        75kg     92 jerks  88.5 snatches
Mark Boggs        90+kg  109 jerks 88 snatches
Terry McCarthy   90kg     68 Long Cycle
David Zink           75kg    76 Long Cycle
Randy Hauer      80kg     64 Long Cycle
Randy Hauer      90kg     70 Long Cycle
Randy Hauer      90+kg   72 Long Cycle
Lorraine Patten  70+            112 snatches
Margaret Shooshanian        101 snatches
Christine Petty    70+            113 snatches
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