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About the "GUIDE"

This is the first and only Girevoy Sport book written by an American.

It completely breaks down the proper techniques for each event and covers common mistakes made by the beginning girevik.  Don't waste your entry fee by competing without reading this book!

Discover the most important elements of the Jerk and how to change your snatch style to get out those last few reps.  Also learn how to ensure not dropping the kettlebell on that last snatch before switching hands.

It also includes many training drills and workouts specifically designed for success on the GS platform.

If you are contemplating competing in GS, I urge you to give it a shot.  Before you do, however, you owe it to yourself to read this book!
Any Girevoy Sport Seminar will cost you at least $200-$1000. Why am I selling this ebook for a ridulously low price of $20 when it contains more information than any GS seminar I've attended or any other GS book. Simple:  I want more people involved in this sport!                                               
                                                Don't hesitate!  

Upon receipt of Pay Pal notice, I will  email you a password and the download link within 24 hours. Probably sooner!
Guide to American Girevoy Sport by Jared Savik.
The FIRST American to attain CMS ranking with 32kg kettlebells!
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Find out which muscles are most important for your jerks!  Discover drills and techniques that will up your snatch count!  39 pages with lots of pictures, showing proper technique and common mistakes.
What people are saying:

"Jared Savik's manual plus guts equals CMS in girevoy sport."
-Pavel Tsatsouline, the author of 'The Russian Kettlebell Challenge'
Excellent book! Very comprehensive and to the point. No fluff, filler, or any waste of space. Your GS book is a must have for anyone that wants to compete in GS and anyone that wants to improve kettlebell training. I like how you cover the competition drills in detail, cover program design, auxillary exercises, and nutrition. Great work- Mike Mahler, premier kettlebell trainer and author of "Kettlebell Solution for Size and Strength."
What you will find in this book
Proper equipment selection to instantly add reps to your jerk
11 pages in the Jerk chapter alone
Chapters on the Snatch, Long Cycle, Workout Theory, Rankings and GS Rules
I want the e-book           today!
2005 Montana State Championships
61 Jerks in under 10 minutes!

       75 Jerks in 2006!!
I recently purchased your ebook Guide to American Girevoy Sport in an effort to improve my snatches for RKC certification in April of 06.  My requirement is 56 and I had been stuck on 50 for some time.  Jared suggested working each arm separately in drop sets and it increased my reps to 56 in one week!  Jared delivers.
                   -Ken Love

I received your training manual in the mail yesterday and read it last night. Good stuff! Time to go to work!
                  -Russ Nielsen

JARED, I got your manual, "Guide to American Girevoy Sport" and it is really helpful in preparing me for the Snatch test that I'll be doing at the April RKC in St. Paul,MN. Thanks for putting out such a great manual.
                   -Christopher. Beltrante  CST, ACE

Hello Jared.
You should know that Randy Hauer speaks highly of you.  I visited him this weekend to learn GS and he strongly suggested that I purchase your book.
                    -Mark Van Blargan

Knowledge is power, and more power to Jared for sharing his methods outlining the pathway to success in Girevoy Sport. GS can be daunting, but with the appropriate hints on technique, assistance exercises and training schedules, anyone with enough grit and determination can reach levels of athletic capability way beyond those of mere mortals. This is a complete “do-it-yourself” guide and I could not fault Jared’s approach and the wealth of clear information he has provided. If you think you have the requisite enthusiasm and discipline, this book will surely take you into seriously hallowed athletic ground!
-Paul Tucker, Tasmania, Australia
Buy this
Buy this
Girevoy Sport, also known as GS, is the newest, most absolutely brutal, iron sport in the USA. Originating in Cold War-era Russia in 1986, it will test not only your phyiscal capabilities, but your mental toughness as well!    Think your tough?  Give GS a try!

There are two competitions in Girevoy Sport: Traditional and Long Cycle.  The Traditional competition includes the Jerk and the Snatch, similar to the Olympic lifts of the same names.  The Long Cycle is a butt-kicking sick mutated combination of the two. 
Each competitor has 10 minutes to complete as many repetitions as possible without setting down the kettlebells. Sound easy?  Think again.  No matter which event you compete in or train for, they are a complete body workout, leaving no muscle un-annihalated.  The only thing easy in GS is quitting!
Are you tired of team sports?  Are you looking for a sport that will give you a superhuman work capacity and the build of an elite, functional athlete?  Are you ready for a sport with camaraderie between athletes rather than cut-throat competition?  If so, keep reading.  If not, go re-subscribe to Maxim magazine of some other "gentleman's" rag..
Are you ready to get started?  Excellent!  Now you could just start jerking and snatching, but what would you really gain?  A sore back, torn calluses, poor results?
My friend, I humbly present to you the leading Girevoy Sport Instruction Guide in the U.S.:
Jared, I've had your book now for a couple weeks and my hands thank you!                                                                                       -Nathan Stanley

Thanks for the quick response. I received the book, very good. I'll reread it several times. The technical points on the snatch lowering will save my grip.

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